Health and Wellness

Healthy Food,
Happy Taste buds.

Well-trained and approachable, Dietitians and Pharmacists are professionals we employ to ensure that you can stay in tip-top shape with your health and wellness goals.

Harmons Dietitians


Healthy Diet – living in a land of plenty but having little extra time, we can all get off-track and lose sight of best practices and moderation in eating. Harmons Dietitians help us make the best choices for long-term health. Understanding that people come from different cultures of consumption, sensitive to different body types and preferences, Dietitians guide all shoppers to healthy habits and alternative ingredients that keep food options delicious, still sweet or savory, with an eye on managing serving size and reducing processed foods, excess salt, and unhealthy fats.

Medicine – every body occasionally succumbs to germs and illness

Our Pharmacists will fill your prescriptions, yes, but they also take the time to listen first and follow-up with education and customer care. And they’ve even stocked their shelves with “Pharmacists’ Pick” products that they know people often need for relief of symptoms from a variety of seasonal ailments. Their aim is to help you feel as well as possible so you can get back to the crucial business of enjoying life in the best of health.